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2014 Competition BBQ Christmas Giveaway

BBQ Give Header

It’s here, folks – my 2014 Competition BBQ Christmas Giveaway and I think you guys are going to love it! I mean, come on! BBQ Christmas Gifts don’t come any easier than this!

Covering competition BBQ here in Central Florida and abroad has its privileges, like getting to know some of the nation’s top competition BBQ teams. These are super amazing people who put a ton of their time and money into crafting some of the most delicious and frankly mind-blowing BBQ chicken, ribs, pork, and brisket you’ve ever tasted.

I reached out to a few of these guys asking if they’d be willing to pony up some of what they use to keep racking up Grand Champion, Reserve Grand, and top place finishes. Not surprising, each one of these very generous teams agreed to make their products available to you as a way to help me say Thank You for being BBQ Beat Readers!

Let’s take a look at what’s being offered up, and then we’ll cover the Competition BBQ Christmas Giveaway entry requirements:

Whiskey Bent BBQ Supply $25 Gift Card


Chad Ward and the Whiskey Bent BBQ Supply crew have agreed to put up a $25 gift card for use either in their shop of via online purchase from their web store. Top of the line competition BBQ rubs, injections, brines, and more.

Chad is a stalwart on the FBA and KCBS BBQ circuits, but you’ve likely seen him on shows like Chopped or hanging with Danielle (Diva Q) Dimovski on her BBQ Crawl TV show – currently on the Travel Channel. Needless to say, he doesn’t sell anything that doesn’t fit the Pro BBQ mold. So, if you win this card – you’re sure to up your game!

Check Out the Whiskey Bent BBQ Supply Store here. 

Sweet Smoke Q Juice and Sauce

Sweet Smoke Q

Jim Elser of Sweet Smoke Q has donated a bottle of his award-winning Pork Q Juice Injection and a bottle of his Sweet Sauce. Combined, you’ll get a sense of what this guy’s success as last year’s Florida Bar-B-Que Association Team of the Year Champion and the 2014 World Food Championships BBQ Winner is all about!  (See the famous CHECK RIDING ceremony here.)

Visit the Sweet Smoke Q BBQ Team store here.

Swamp Boys BBQ Sauce Combo Pack

Swamp Boys BBQ Sauce

OK folks, seriously – this is a prize all in itself. Swamp Boys BBQ Team has reigned supreme across Florida and the rest of the Nation as one of the most accomplished competition BBQ teams ever. Just mention the name Rub Bagby to anyone who knows serious competition ‘cue and they’ll light up with that “Oh yeah, he’s good” look on their face. Over the past year or a little more, Rub has introduced two competition grade BBQ sauces: his original and his Bootleg Red. The original is sweet with a nice warm finish, and that Bootleg Red? Whoo buddy! It’s a vinegar based sauce that starts out smooth and finishes with the best kind of “oh man!” whollup you’ve ever experienced.

Learn more about Rub and the Swamp Boys BBQ Team here.

Hot Wachula’s Grilling Sauce

Hot Wachula's Grilling Sauce

Matt Barber, pitmaster for Hot Wachula’s BBQ Team, is offering up two bottles of Hot Wachula’s Grilling Sauce (one original and one smokey) for this giveaway. On a tear over the past few years, with Florida Bar-B-Que Association Team of the Year honors in 2013 and runner-up honors in 2014, Matt has recently proven his skills as Grand Champion at the 2014 Plant City Pig Jam ahead of Iowa Smokey D’s and Chix Swine and Bovine! This guy knows winning BBQ profiles, and he’s providing you with a hint of what he’s doing in each of these two sauces!

Learn more about Hot Wachula’s BBQ Team here.

Here’s How to Enter! 

So here’s the down and dirty! I’ve set up this giveaway so that there will be four winners – each receiving one of the above listed prizes.

To enter this BBQ Christmas Giveaway, entrants must comment below and explain which prize you hope to win and how you’d use it! Be specific and creative!


After you leave your comment – Tweet this contest to your friends, Like My Facebook Page, and Follow My Google+ Page  – each option giving you MORE ENTRIES into this contest! 

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And We Have Our Winners!

Wow! What a contest! Thanks so much to each of you who took time to enter and those of you who commented below. I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful holiday season with friends and family, I know we are!

OK. So without any further blathering on, here are the official winners for this year! 

1. Whiskey Bent BBQ Supply $25 Gift Card – Christopher Sorel

2. Sweet Smoke Q Juice and BBQ Sauce – Maeve Beecher

3. Swamp Boys BBQ Sauce (Original and Bootleg Red) – Stephen Harris

4. Hot Wachula’s Grilling Sauce (Original and Smokey) – Bobby Gwiazdzinski


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