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Elevate Grill Review: Portable Gas Cooking with Style


A few weeks back, I received an email asking if I’d consider writing an Elevate Grill Review. After learning more about the Elevate grill via the company’s Kickstarter page, I agreed and was sent a grill to test out at home.

Elevate Grill Review – Initial Unboxing

We live in central Florida, and the idea of a portable all-in-one gas grill to take on beach trips, short camping overnights sounded great. When the Elevate Grill arrived, I was impressed right off by the quality the packing used. This thing was packed almost as well as the grill I reviewed for Pellet Pro some time back.

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Elevate Grill Review – Assembly

The cool thing about the Elevate Grill is that there’s really not much in the way of assembly involved. This portable propane grill is set to go right out of the box. Literally, I just had to open the unit, position the handles outward and under so that they locked into position forming the legs of the grill, and insert the grates into each side.

At first, I wasn’t sure whether maybe I’d missed being shipped the propane gas regulator unit, but it and the grate lifting tool came packed inside the interior chamber (between the two grates) where your 16.5 ounce propane tank (sold separately) lives. Again, the Elevate Grill wins high marks on streamlined design and portability.

Aside from the propane tank, you’ll have to supply one AAA battery that is used to provide the electric starter charge when lighting each side of the grill. The photos in the following slide show make this all clear.

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As you see the set up is pretty straight forward – just open up the unit, attach the propane regulator and tank, and you’re ready to go.

NOTE: the pans that sit underneath the grates of the Elevate grill are easy to remove for cleaning. After cooking, the grill may be folded up once it’s cooled off, and these trays capture any grease – preventing it from spilling out of the unit until you get home and can clean it properly. Again, the Elevate grill is built for streamlined use and maximum portability.

Elevate Grill Review – Test Cook

I do at least as much grilling as I do work on the BBQ Smoker, and I’m always looking for ways to step outside the box. In this case, I didn’t want to just do hamburgers and the like when doing the test cook for this Elevate Grill Review. So, I opted for Lamb Burgers with mint and garlic, accompanied by vegetable kebabs marinated in a green Thai curry sauce.

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If you’re interested in the recipes I used, you can check the Lamb Burger one here and the Vegetable Kebabs one here.

My thoughts on the cooking process using the Elevate grill.

First, compared to most portable gas grills, the Elevate grill wins in the combination area of having extreme portability and a ton of cooking surface area. The grill got up to temp fast, and after letting any remaining industrial oils burn off, I oiled the grates with some canola oil and put on the food. The one thing I noticed right away was that there isn’t much space at all between the flames from the gas burners and the food – separated of course by the grates themselves.

What this means is that even when the temperature controls are turned down, I had to do quite a bit of turning to be sure the food didn’t get too charred. So, it was pretty much a hot and fast experience. It left me wondering whether there would be a way to include some sort of spring lifted device to allow for the height of the grill plates above the flames to be adjusted, sort of like with a Santa Maria style pit.

So, where does this leave me feeling about my experience with this grill and the Elevate grill review in general? Well, I love the design concept. It’s sleek, well thought out, and the grill is truly a portable stow and go option for culinary fun out and about. If there was just some way to get more of a temperature variance on the Elevate grill, I’d be entirely happy with it. As it is, the grill is a nice option to have with you at the beach or maybe even on the back deck of your condo – just as long as you understand that you’ll need to be right on top of things as they cook.

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